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Good Friends and Plenty of Sleep Help Keep Girls Happy

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Getting enough sleep and spending face-to-face time with friends are the best ways for teenage girls to guard against unhappiness and psychological ill-health, according to a recent UK government report

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6 Nightmare Habits That Ruin Teenagers' Sleep

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Many teenagers today are sleep deprived. They should be getting between nine and 10 hours sleep each night, yet most get only seven or eight hours. Some get less.

Sleep deprivation is akin to jet lag. It causes young people not to function at their optimum. It can be the cause of poor behaviour, mental health problems and low functioning in the classroom.

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How to Help Your Child Transition to High School

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Whether your child is moving up from primary to secondary in the same school or starting a new school altogether, entering Year 7 can be both a fun and daunting experience: New teachers, subjects and friends; more independence and responsibility; a heavier workload - not to mention changing bodies and fluctuating hormones!

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The Land of Nod - Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?

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I have a general weakness for all things pink, vintage and nostalgic.  So when all these features appeared before my very eyes recently, in one adorable little package, a 1950’s vintage Noddy clock became mine. 

Actually, I justified the purchase on the grounds that it had clear numbers on the face and that it would be an excellent teaching tool for helping our six year old to learn to tell the time.

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