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Beyond the Toothbrush - 7 Tips To Save Your Children's Teeth

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Child tooth decay in Australia dropped dramatically after 1979 but has been rising steadily again since 2000.
The three main causes:

  • Expense of dental care – resulting in viewer visits to the dentist
  • Increased sugar intake in the average diet
  • Popularity of bottled water – we may have fluoride in our tap water but it’s of little use if it’s not being drunk

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Children in the Front Passenger Seat

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A hotly debated subject among my fellow Year 3 mums is whether it is okay to move their 7-8 year old to the front of the car.

Legally in Australia, children may travel in the front passenger seat of a car from the age of seven (officially, they are permitted to travel in the front from the age of four should all available seats in the back be occupied by younger children). However, the National Child Restraint Guidelines recommend that all children under 12 should travel in the back of the car and use a booster seat until they are tall enough for an adult seatbelt. 

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