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Balancing Extra-Curricular Activities

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Over-scheduled kids, exhausted parents, no family time? Feel like you're constantly trying to be in three places at once, chauffeuring children to clubs, training and rehearsals?

How much time should kids spend on extra-curricular activities? And how can families stay on top of it all?

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Preparing for School Camp

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Camps can be a time of fun and friendship-building.  Getting away from the classroom for a few days and trying your hand at new activities can be so enjoyable.  But not for everyone.  For many children, the fun of camp is overshadowed by concerns.  Whilst some student may bound off to camp with barely a backward glance, many children will need some extra help to see past their worries, to the fun that lies beyond.

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Get Your Kids Organised with a Tick List

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It was a little bit of a panicked morning compared to usual. We drove down the road on the way to school and my pre-preppie exclaimed, "I forgot my bag!". Indicator on, ready to pull over, I exclaimed, "I didn't get it either!" Then, a calm six-year-old boy's voice said, "It's OK...I've put what she needs in the boot!" Like I always say, my kids are not perfect but I my six-year-old is one of those kids who is thoughtful and organised FAR beyond his years.

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Managing Your Time

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I came across an interesting idea recently regarding time management.  The idea was that there isn’t actually any such thing as time management.  That time marches on regardless of what we do with it and that we all get the same amount – just 24 hours a day.  No amount of time management techniques or colour coded schedules was going to give you more time. 

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What's for Dinner?

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The three most dreaded words at the end of a long and busy day – "What’s for dinner"?

In our house, the answer is ‘go look on the fridge’.  Not in the fridge, but on the fridge.  Why on the fridge?  Because if you want to know what we are eating for dinner, it will be written on the weekly meal planner that is stuck on the fridge door.

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