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"But Everyone Else Is Doing It!"

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I don’t think it matters if it’s the makeup on your daughter in Year 11 or the ice blocks with your Prep child, sooner or later your child will try and convince you that you are the ONLY parent drawing a line in the sand on any given issue.

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10 Signs You Are Raising A Spoilt Child

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We love our kids.  We want to provide for them, do our best for them and protect them. But sometimes our desire to make them happy and our dedication to looking after them can lead to ‘over-parenting’.  With the best intentions in the world, we can over-praise, over-indulge and over-protect our little darlings ... and risk raising self-centred, entitled dependents, unable to think for themselves.

Here are some red flags that indicate you might be raising a spoilt child:

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How to Read to Your Child

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“The single most significant factor influencing a child’s early educational success is an introduction to books and being read to at home prior to beginning school.”
National Commission on Reading (USA), 1985

Research shows that children who read proficiently in the early school years generally perform better at every stage of their education.

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10 Strategies for Managing Screen Time

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So its the school holidays and the weather sucks.  The sound of the TV is ever-present and, despite your best intentions, the kids have been on their iPods/PlayStation/Xbox/Wii far longer than you know is healthy.  We all know too much screen time is damaging for kids but policing it is an eternal challenge.  We hear you!

Here are some strategies for controlling screen time in your house:

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Leadership Skills for Headstrong Tots

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Most of my friends have had the experience of consoling me after I have been dealing with my daughter’s strength. “The force is strong with this one” seems to be a blissful statement that doesn’t even begin to touch on her perception of her capabilities.

I was fighting it hard. But for all my efforts, trying to teach this tiny woman with an iron clad will that she would submit seemed to be useless. I am a fundamentalist. And there was a part of me that believed that ‘good parenting’ meant submissive children. Enter massive issue… daughter will not submit, she wants to lead.

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Share, Spend, Save - Financial Planning for Preschoolers

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Each week our daughter gets three randomly chosen coins for doing a set list of chores around the house. 

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