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Turning Homework Into 'Study Time'

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Turning Homework Into 'Study Time'

“Have you done your homework?”  “I don’t have any!”

Does that sound familiar? Have you thought about changing the name from homework to something like study time? No homework from school? Excellent, how about you revise maths, English or spelling, or get ahead on that assignment? Still nothing?  Oh well, this is study time so some silent reading will be a good choice.Have you thought about ...

  1. Setting a time that works for your child?
    Students love routine even if they don’t admit it.  Structure this into their timetable, e.g. Mondays 4pm – 5pm is study time. Your child will be expecting it just like soccer training, swimming lessons etc. Evening or morning, Mondays before dinner, Tuesdays after dinner – go with whatever works well. Try to chat to your children to work out a good time that suits the family.

  2. Finding an area in the home that is free of distractions and dedicate this to study time for the allocated period?
    Keep in mind some children find large windows a distraction.  Can they see the TV someone else is watching?  How is the white noise level?  Make sure the area has good lighting and has good ventilation?

  3. Creating a special study space with all supplies easily accessible?
    Maybe a shopping spree might be an incentive, purchasing new equipment for the new or revamped study area.

  4. Chatting to the teacher about any concerns you may have?

  5. Rewarding your child when you “catch” them doing the right thing?

  6. Planning?
    Look at the week.  Are there major events happening that will change when studying can be done?

  7. Encouraging your child to be responsible for their work?
    If you are more concerned than they are about the quality and quantity of the work, you have taken ownership from them.

Above all remain positive and don’t let your child know you also struggled with a subject.

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