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The School Parents & Friends Committee (P&F)

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The School Parents & Friends Committee (P&F)

The Parents and Friends (P&F) Association organises activities to support and build the school community.

At King's, we friend raise, not fundraise.

What Does the P&F Do?

The P&F is no different to any other sport club committee or common-interest group. The idea of meetings and mundane tasks may seem tedious at first, but nothing can be achieved if we all shy away from must-do activities. The rewards can be life changing. The more hands, the lighter the burden, the bigger the cheer squad for each other in our walk together. Every single one of us can help in a small or large capacity.

King's P&F organises events such as:

  • Movie Nights
  • Year level picnics at school
  • School fete
  • Mother's Day stalls
  • Trivia Nights

As part of the P&F, you get to promote your school to the wider community and demonstrate to your children that volunteering is a good thing.

Connecting and Building Relationships

I really became involved with the P&F in an organisational capacity with Movie Nights. Got to connect with staff and families! Under the stars! And who doesn’t love a great sausage sandwich?

Helping at Mothers and Fathers Day stalls became a fun and thrilling connect time. Excited children wanting something special for Mum and Dad!

Working at events became a passion, because seeing my kids grin from ear to ear seeing me involved at their school, was worth every moment.

Being a full time working mum, the P&F has given me the ideal opportunity to meet other families - and affordable social events to enjoy them with.

We’ve met families who share our parenting values and styles. We've connected with families from diverse cultures and backgrounds. We share being immigrants with many and share the fate of no family support. This brings deep empathy in times of loneliness and disconnectedness with family back home.   I can honestly say I have met all my close friends on the Coast through the P&F. Our school connections have become ‘family’.

What Would Jesus Do?

I have seen people come and go through the P&F - their motives being vague and needs not met.

Just like family, we don’t always get along or like each other very much at times. But our actions should be guided by what Jesus would have done if he was on our P&F:

  • He would have been an unassuming member, who loves to serve others and be there to connect.
  • He wouldn’t judge publically but would show grace to all he came across.
  • He wouldn’t be opinionated and power hungry.
  • He would ask, calmly, "How are you today?" and genuinely mean it.
  • He would instinctively know when to linger to listen.
  • He would take photos for you at school events and carnivals, when you are at work. He would upload them for you onto Facebook and tag you so you could see your gorgeous children competing.
  • He would be at each event on the BBQ or helping preparing dinner or washing up afterwards.
  • He would walk away happy at the end of it and be joyful in the opportunity to serve.
  • He would know all his actions were to serve and honour our King’s kids.
  • He would look at every child in school through his Father’s eyes and see all his heavenly crown gems.

What About You?

As a full-time working mum, I have found ways to fit in more, and my capacity grows exponentially the more I serve. There are so MANY things we could bring to the table, including:

  • helping with ordering supplies
  • book covering
  • running the P&F web page
  • serving as the treasurer or secretary
  • event leading
  • fundraising

or simply blessing us with time to serve a few minutes to a couple of hours. You don't have to participate in every single event. 

If connecting is your strength, being a class coordinator is joy-filled and not a chore. Helping handing out water to our departing Year 12s at the end of the tunnel is a highlight for me every year.

Remember, it takes a village to raise a child.

Katinka Niemeijer
P&F Treasurer, Pimpama Campus

Friend Raise with us at King's P&F

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