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Why Your Child Should Play Chess

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Chess is often considered a game suited only to intellectually gifted people .  People assume that to play chess you must already have a rather high level of intelligence or at least be ‘a little bit smart’. While chess may be more instantly appealing to those whose minds already think in a strategic ‘chess-like’ manner, research is showing that this increasingly popular game has significant benefits for everyone.

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What to Do if Your Child's Worry Worries You

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Worry is a normal feeling that happens to all of us from time to time.  As an emotion, it is our natural response to real and anticipated or imagined situations.  We worry about something because we perceive it as a threat and worry causes us to focus on the issue or situation at hand. A little worry can in fact be good for us as it gears us towards taking precautionary measures such as checking the road before we cross or putting on our seatbelt when we get in a car.

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Volunteering in Your Child's Class

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Yesterday, I helped four Year 1 boys research 'toys and games from the past'. Last week I got very competitive playing maths games with Year 4 students. Next week I will be doing some one-on-one work , listening to young children read. I have little friends all over Primary who wave to me and share stories of their weekends, and a sneaky insider's knowledge of day-to-day school life.

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How to Help Your Shy Child

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We have a shy child.  She is the product of two parents who were both chronically shy as children and who are also both on the far end of the introvert scale. (Not that being an introvert automatically means you are shy, nor does being an extrovert make you immune to being shy.)  But there she is, your fairly typical shy child, doing her best to make her way in the world. 

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Should I Be Concerned About My Child's Fine Motor Skills?

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The term ‘fine motor’ refers to the use of the small muscles of the body.  Any part of the body that uses small muscles, such as hands, wrists, fingers, feet, toes, lips, mouth and tongue, are covered by the term ‘fine motor’.

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When Should My Child Start Prep?

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Is four too young to start school?

If your child’s birth month would make them one of the youngest in their class, would you wait a year and let them start Prep with greater maturity? Or would your sparky preschooler be bored and unchallenged by another year of Kindergarten?

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