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My 12-year-old deleted her app after hearing Susan McLean

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I am guilty of giving in to my obedient, cooperative 12-year-old who does her chores cheerfully. "Everyone has, Mum!' I added it and set up my own account and befriended her so I could monitor her. We checked the 'privacy' settings and googled the feedback and set rules about being in school uniform etc. The 13+ age restriction is standard on social media platforms and we talked about how it was a privilege to use it 8 months before she turns 13.

How naive I was!

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How to Keep Friends on Facebook

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I’m a people person.

I have manners (most of the time) and I love my friendships (all the time).  But, there’s also this great new thing that has occasionally threatened to ruin some of my friendships…it’s called Facebook.

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