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Help Your Child Develop Impulse Control

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How many of you have been in a situation where, after being on a diet for a few days, a colleague comes to work selling chocolates for a fundraiser? Do you give in and buy a chocolate? It’s for a good cause after all. Or do you resist?

Topics: Parenting, Prep, Primary School

'b' and 'd' - Stop the confusion! (Lower Primary)

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When children learn to read and write, they often muddle up similar-looking letters (and numbers). The most common offenders are:

•   v and  u;
•   u and  n;
•   p and  q;
•   1 and  7;
•   2 and  5.

Topics: Literacy, Preschool, Prep, Primary School

How to Give Your Child Effective Feedback

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Giving constructive criticism to our children - both positive and negative - is an important part of parenting. Empty, generic praise ("What a lovely picture, darling"), well-meant encouragement that does the opposite ("At least you didn't come last") and angry disappointment ("I expected you to do better than that!") do not give a child much indication of what they are doing wrong or right.

Topics: Parenting, Preschool, Prep, Primary School, High School

7 Tips for Fathering Success

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Fatherhood is life-changing. It’s a very personal journey that a man experiences when he takes on the responsibility of parenting his kids. It’s also a vital role, and it’s all too easy to neglect the positive impact a father can have on his children’s lives.

Topics: Parenting

Essential Life Skills to Teach Your Child Before They Leave Home

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We invest in our children's academic success, encourage their interests and support their emotional wellbeing ... but are we preparing them for the adult world by passing on basic life skills? Here's our list of vital skills all kids should master before leaving home:

Helping Teenagers Achieve Sustained School Success

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The secondary school year is well and truly underway and thousands of teenagers (and their parents) across the country are settling in for a full year ahead. For some, this marks the beginning of an entirely new stage in their schooling, while others are buckling in for another year of academic rigor. The following are a few tips to help you and your young person navigate the year ahead.

Topics: Parenting, High School, Teens

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